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LED’s – The Future

LED’s appeared as “practical electrical components” in 1962. It has taken half a century to really harness the true potential of LED’s. Now, with LED’s huge energy saving potential, they are on the local and global agendas of Government, Industry and households alike.

LED’s are revolutionising the world as we know it today. Energy saving, a focussed green environment, together with protecting our future generations is fundamental to us all.

Governments are seeing the true potential of LED’s and energy saving, by regulating they are ensuring that the costly generation of electricity can be resourced more effectively. This gives the valuable opportunity to redirect the power that would otherwise have been consumed in traditional lighting (e.g. Metal Halide, Sodium) to other needs or by reducing the demand for power generation plants in the future. Governments have also been instrumental in directing resources towards photovoltaic solar systems, these having particular advantages in climates where there is extensive sunshine or where there is limited or no access to an electricity supply.

Dramatic growth in the use of intelligent lighting systems is now taking place, these systems have rapid payback and significantly reduce the cost of ownership. Intelligent lighting systems include a whole range of products e.g. ballast; electronic controls and software, each with their own unique cost saving benefits. The control of the lighting whether it be for a road, car park or sports facility, can be managed either in house or outsourced to world renowned organisations.

The management consultants McKinsey have produced their second report on LED’s called “Lighting the way: Perspectives on the global market”. The full report can be found on McKinsey’s website: www.McKinsey.com

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