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Do you want to make a 75% saving on your electricity costs?

You can with Vertu Lighting LED Floodlights.

Vertu Lighting’s solution significantly improves the quality of your lighting whilst immediately reducing your energy costs by more than 75%.

Annually, the UAE has 4,100 hours of darkness. The cost of electricity can only increase, leading to higher costs both now and in the future.

Whether it be for new or replacement floodlights, our solution provides opportunities for significant cost savings, rapid pay back on investment and improved lighting performance. Over a period of 15 years your return on investment (ROI) will be in excess of 300%.

There has never been a better time to both invest in LED lighting and to significantly reduce your ongoing operational costs by at least 75%.

Contact Vertu Lighting today and our professionals will be delighted to provide you with the optimum solution for your LED project.

Contact: sales@vertulighting.com

Call +971 4456 4937




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