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How to minimise the energy consumption of your exterior lighting application

Vertu Lighting knows how to ensure that all your exterior lighting applications are environmentally friendly, reducing both energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and operating costs.

Vertu Lighting achieves this through a wide range of principles, a number of which are highlighted below:

  1. Correct Luminaire distribution – Placing the luminaries in the optimal position to reduce the number of fittings required to light a given area.
  2. Lamp Efficacy – Using efficient lamps which convert electricity into light efficiently.
  3. Using the most efficient ballasts – Ensuring the correct level of electricity is supplied to the lamp.
  4. Motion Detectors – Where required, motion detectors can be installed within the lighting system to switch the lighting on and off in accordance with the application.
  5. Eliminating Waste Light /Overspill – We only direct the light to where it is required.
  6. Correct maintenance of your lighting system – Where the customer requires, Vertu Lighting can perform maintenance in line with the product, environment and performance required.

All these principles help to maximise the total efficiency of your existing lighting solution. To discuss further contact us at Vertu Lighting for help and advice on+971 4 456 4937 or email: sales@vertulighting.com

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